Assault Elements Venn Diagram

Use of Force

Individual Lesson

Approximate lesson time: 4-hours

This stand-alone course introduces the student to use of force for security guards.


This stand-alone lesson introduces the student to the essentials in the Use of Force. Example laws from multiple states are referenced throughout the manual.

Verbal deflection and de-escalation techniques are always the first line of defense and the use of physical force is a measure of last resort. A force-on-force encounter does not end when the act of violence ceases. The psychological impact of a physical attack can last a lifetime. Legal troubles, both civil and criminal, can linger for years or even decades. This manual offers a brief explanation of generally accepted use of force legal standards.

There are specific rules on the appropriate use of force in making an arrest, personal protection, defense of another, defense of property, and other situations. Security guards are held to the civilian standard which differs from law enforcement or military. The guiding principle for use of force is a "reasonable amount of force." For comparison, sworn peace officers are allowed to use a "necessary amount of force" to execute their duty. Security guards are not peace officers and held to a more restrictive standard.


  • Paraphrase the responsibilities of a private security guard.
  • Interpret the appropriate use of reasonable force.
  • Describe the Use of Force Continuum/Ladder.
  • Explain the use of restraint techniques and their implications.
  • Explain the use of deadly force.
  • Describe the use of force in property defense.
  • Explain escalation and de-escalation techniques in the use of force.


  1. Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law
  2. Fight versus Self-Defense
  3. Provoking an Attack
  4. Assault Elements
  5. The Use-of-Force Ladder
  6. The Conflict Cycle
  7. Use of Force in Defense of Property
  8. Use of Lethal or Deadly Force
  9. Ceasing Use of Force
  10. Use of Force in Effectuating an Arrest

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