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Access Control

Individual Lesson

Approximate lesson time: 2-hours


This stand-alone lesson introduces the student to the essentials of Access Control. This training manual is intended for use as part of an instructor-led course in accordance with State regulations.

Access control for vehicles and personnel incorporates procedures, security personnel, technologies and systems to monitor the movement of vehicles and individuals into and out of a facility or controlled area. A controlled area may refer to an entire facility or installation, a building, or a designated space (indoors or outdoors).


  • Describe access control.
  • Interpret the fundamentals of manual access control systems.
  • Interpret the fundamentals of automated access control systems.
  • Apply identification procedures to on-site personnel.
  • Explain the fundamentals of alarm systems.
  • Describe the fundamentals of trespass.
  • Complete the Access Control Final Examination with a 100% score in accordance with regulations.


  1. Access Control for Vehicles and Personnel
  2. Automated Access Control Systems
  3. Warning Sinage/Posting
  4. Identification Procedures and Security Identification
  5. Alarm Systems
  6. Trespass

Digital Download

The digital download package includes the following items:

  • Final Examination and Answer Key*
  • Complete instructor presentation

  • Digital files will be made available for immediate download after purchase.

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